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ENS Classic vs Responsive Systems

We're pleased to announce that as of August 1, 2023 we're taking orders for our new responsive system.  We still have a few things to finish up, but it typically takes our clients some time to load their content, so we expect that when you're ready, we'll be ready as well.
The following is a comparison chart showing the features between the two systems, including pricing.  We're very excited about the new features in the responsive version.  If you're not sure what responsive means, see the demo here:  While the page editing is a little different from the classic version, the modules work almost exactly the same, so a person who understands, say, Membership Management in the classic version will have no trouble with Membership Management in the responsive version.
  ENS Classic ENS Responsive
Changes shape on monitors, tablets and phones No Yes
SET UP    
Professionally designed page header, initial design fee of $250 Yes No
Can have a different header on each page No Yes
Can change the header when you want No Yes
Menu down the left side Yes No
Menu across the top No Yes
Menu Levels 2 3 for now
Menu collapses to "burger icon" if device is too small; can open it No Yes
Content blocks side by side across the page 1 4 for now
Different design blocks and groups of blocks No Yes
Blocks stack to fit the device size (responsive) No Yes
Home Page Yes Yes
About Page Yes Yes
Contact Page Yes Yes
Any kind of custom form like contact, event No Yes*
Membership Management Yes Yes
Leadership Management Yes Yes
Group Management Yes Yes
Permissions Management Yes Yes
Menu/Page Management Yes Yes
Page Creator Yes Yes
System Setup Yes Yes
Donations Management Yes Yes*
Blog Yes Yes
System Help Yes Yes
Blast Email Yes Yes
ENS Help Desk Yes Yes*
Events Yes Yes
Facts Yes Yes
File Download Yes Yes
Forums Yes No
Image Gallery Yes Yes
Knowledge Base (ENS) Yes Yes*
Library Yes Yes*
Links Yes Yes
Online Join and Renew Yes Yes
Online Store Yes Yes*
Place data from events, etc., on any page No Yes
Knowledge Base $9.95 Included*
Ballot Voting $24.95 Included*
Query Desk $49.95 Included*
With package 5 5
Additional email accounts, each, $2.year (going up to $5/year) Yes No
Additional email accounts, package of 10, $29.95/year No Yes
Add, change, delete your email accounts, reset passwords without ENS! No Yes
Cemetery Records Yes Yes:  UDM
Area Deaths Yes Yes:  UDM
Funeral Home Records Yes Yes:  UDM
Surname Research Yes Yes
Define your own data sets, upload your own data, and search across all sets (Unified Data Module) No Yes*
Class Lists including deaths No Yes*
Blind Forwarding Email No Yes*
Reunion Planning Module No Yes*
* Means the module is still in development or testing, but will be available about May, 2024.    
(depends on the modules you currently use)    
Small Organization (< 100 members) with no classic optional modules $195/year $249/year
Larger Organization (< 300 members) with three classic modules $379.85/year $499/year
Per 100 active members over 299 $11.67 (!) $100/year