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Free web tools are available, but none of them offer you the custom flexibility and automated functions EasyNetSites does. With EasyNetSites you can have a full-featured website at a price any budget-conscious society can easily afford. Plus, just one of our application’s features--the ability to distribute newsletters to all your members in a single blast email--can save you enough money in printing and postage to pay for itself in a few months.

Each EasyNetSite is custom-built to your specific needs using modular components. You get to choose exactly what features you want to include.  Choose only those features that fit your organization, whether you're a genealogy society, an alumni assocation, a fraternal society, or an entirely different organization!  And every page of your organization’s site has built-in editing functions that allow you to easily control the precise content.

Standard site features (for all types of organizations) include:
Home Page
This most important page on your site should be updated regularly.  Create page articles easily using the hassle-free editor tool in a "hidden" mode and when complete, publish them to your home page.  Articles can be created. Web-savvy customers may also enjoy hand coding and styling the page by taking advantage of the convenient HTML editor we’ve included.

This page allows you to insert up to two articles and is geared to display the leadership of your organization. The names and titles of your officers will display automatically as defined in your system if an operating year is used. Otherwise only the written articles you insert will appear. If no articles are written, no display is available.
Area Deaths
The Area Deaths module provides a searchable database driven interface for death notices and obituaries.  It collects data about the person, where the notice was published and dates of publication.  
Blog **
The Blog module provides "simple" blogging capability to your site.
Cemetery Records
The Cemetery Records database is a powerful tool to collect data about cemeteries in your area and the persons who are interred in them.  The module has data fields for personal data, birth, death and interment information. You can add pictures to records as well. 
This page allows a message to be sent directly to any listed Officer or Chairperson without their personal email ever being displayed. A general “Web Contact Form” is also available by clicking the designated area.

Event Listings **
Using our simple Events Editor just type in your start and end times, dates, event title, location, description, presenter name and contact information to see it neatly appear on your webpage. You can also attach external files like flyers, registration forms and maps with ease. All past events are automatically cleared on a day to day basis. Page views may be filtered according to user-defined categories and timeframes. Plus, you can create a special events panel that displays up to three events in a sidebar on your homepage (or any other page) to keep visitors informed.

Facts **
Here is where you can create and present brief but helpful information such as a “Tips & Tricks” sidebar that displays in a prominent area of your website.

File Download & Storage **
Areas for both “Members Only” and “Public” downloads are available. In each, categories can be set up to group files based on their document type, e.g. governing, handbook, meeting minutes, etc. Files to be uploaded must be no larger than 5 megabytes in size and use one of the following file formats:
 Adobe (.pdf)  Image (.gif, .jpg)
 MS Word (.doc, .docx)  MP3 Sound (.mp3)
 MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx)  MPG Video (.mpg, .mpeg, .mp4)
 MS Powerpoint (.pps, .ppt, .ppsx, .pptx)  And more...
A place for your members to be able to post, inquire of, and share with each other.  The easy-to-use, flat style Forums can have Topics that are either publicly available or private for members only viewing.  Only members may write messages to any forum.

Library / Archive
This powerful tool allows you to create a searchable catalog for many purposes.  It can be used as a library catalog, a document or image repository, and more!  All library materials may be classified into user-defined categories and are sortable and searchable. 

Links **
All live links to other websites can be categorized for easy review and, when clicked, always appear in a separate browser window to keep your site constantly available to the viewer.
Members Only
The private area of your site.  Members can log in to view any information placed in this area.  Each member can have his or her own login to access.

You can upload your newsletter to your site in any of the numerous file formats listed in the Downloads section below. You can also set it to display as either “Public” or for “Members Only”. Each newsletter is identified by month and year published and can be emailed to any active member based on the e-mail address found in the member’s profile.
Store **
Any society wishing to offer purchasable items online will find this simple storefront ideal for advertising an item’s description, price and shipping information. The store can be integrated with PayPal for easy checkout payment.

Surname Research
All surnames in your research database include spelling variations, City/Town, State/Province, Country and Beginning and End dates. Information entry is simple and direct for the person with editing permission. Email queries may be sent to a submitter, but all personal contact information remains confidential.
Site Administration
The Site Administration area is where the tools listed below reside.  Access to this area is granted by permission and allows you to manage all aspects of the website as well as your membership.
Blast Email
You can easily create a custom email with or without a separate file attachment and send it to all your membership whose addresses are listed in your system.  The blast email tool can also address smaller "Groups" and membership based on renewal status.
Membership Management
This comprehensive tool tracks your membership, renewal statuses and much more.  Being fully integrated into the website, it provides functionality for member login, emailing, labels, lists, leadership and group management.
Leadership Management
The Leadership Management module allows you to create the leadership structure as it exists in your organization using categories and positions.  Once created, it is an easy task to select position holders from the membership to attach to those positions.  This data is then fed to the About and Contact pages as appropriate. 
Group Management
Group Management creates smaller "sub-groups" that may exist in your organization.  These groups may be special interest groups, committees or other associated persons.  
Permissions Management
Every editable area in the application has a permission associated with it.  In this area you may assign members of your organization to a permission, thereby allowing them to perform that editing function.  If you do not have a permission, you cannot see the editor tools for that feature.    

Menu / Page Maintenance
This area allows you to maintain your website.  Tools to handle menu names, sort order and display selections reside in the main page.  This area is also where you can create as many additional pages on your website as you need. The page editor will automatically add a new link to the navigation bar menu. You can style this new page quickly and easily using our simple editing interface or the handy HTML editor we’ve included.
Page Creator **
The Page Creator tool is used to create instances of pages that are "Multiple Instance Capable".  A simple wizard-like interface allows you to easily create the instance and then be taken to the page to begin editing the content.
Donations Management
Integrated page creation and managements of donations.  Create as many projects as desired and track donations and payments.
Transaction Management
This back-end interface to the Store allows you to manage transactions made through your system.
Optional site features include:
Ballot and Voting Module
Create ballots to elect officers or vote on changes to your governing documents.   You set when the ballot opens and when it closes.  Your members vote and the results are instantly available.  Once the ballot closes, the results are locked.
Knowledge Base Module **
Create a searchable Knowledge Base for your users that can be used to organize, store, and retrieve data that your members can use.  You can store Frequently Asked Questions, or you can store facts about your local area, or you can list projects that your organization has undertaken over the years or is planning.  Any kind of information that your users need can be organized by category and placed in the KB module.
Query Desk Module
Create a system to accept queries from members or the public, and track responses.  For example, societies that have multiple researchers that accept research assignments, can use it to assign (or self-assign) research work and respond to the query.  You always know who is working on a query, and whether it's still open or it's been closed out or it's in some other status that you set.  You can customize priorities, statuses, and other features to suit.  It can be used for any kind of queries including website help desk, research queries, or queries about lineage applications to suggest a few examples.

** Multiple Instance Capable
Pages that are "Multiple Instance Capable" allow you to create as many instances of the type of page as desired.