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Website and Organization Management Tools for Non-Programmers
At EasyNetSites, we really love writing quality software--it's what we do.  The EasyNetSites product was first developed In 2009, and we've been growing the product ever since.  Although we have been in the business of creating custom software for commercial, not-for-profit, and government clients, we found that it made much more sense for our clients to use a common product that could meet their needs, rather than incur the cost of custom programming for each new client.  Sharing the same code base, although adapted for the way each client works, is economical, and it ensures that all code is thoroughly tested.
We created the ENS product with two major principles.  First, it had to be easy to use and not require any real "techie" experience, and second, it had to be inexpensive.  We met those goals years ago and today we continue to improve and refresh the product, never losing sight of those two guiding principles.
EasyNetSites is a product of Blue Crab Software, LLC, a custom software development and web hosting company.

At EasyNetSites, we believe in being there for you! A website is an ongoing process and you need the tools and support to be able to keep that process going.  We stand beside you every step of the way.  No one should ever be frustrated by software.  There is usually an easy answer and we aim to provide that for you!